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UFC Calgary - The Results

Updated: Aug 9, 2018

Eddie Alvarez vs Dustin Poirier 2

There was a lot of expectation going into this fight as the first encounter between Eddie Alvarez and Dustin Poirier was an epic. Dustin Poirier fans felt he was hard done by because Eddie Alvarez used his knees on a downed opponent. The stage was set at UFC Calgary for Poirier to get justice and avenge his loss.

The first round was a closely fought battle, neither fighter really having the upper hand, with Eddie Alvarez being the aggressor and Dustin Poirier picking his shots and countering well. At the end of the first round Eddie Alvarez definitely looked the worse of the two fights with two welts under his eyes. There was panic from his corner as they called for a medic to help treat the injuries.

Round 2 started like the first with Eddie Alvarez being the aggressor and managing to catch one of Dustin Poirier’s kicks, and taking the fight to the ground and attempted a choke. Dustin Poirier got back to his feet and stopped a take down from Eddie Alvarez, catching him in a guillotine choke.

This choke was tight and it looked like this was where the fight was going to finish, but Eddie Alvarez being the veteran he is, managed to change the angle of the choke and released his head. The fight continued with both fighters on their feet up against the cage momentarily before Eddie Alvarez attempted a further take down, again getting caught in a guillotine choke with Dustin Poirier pulling guard.

Eddie Alvarez managed to get his neck free and got to a dominant position an attempted to get a choke of his own, but was only able to get a neck crank on Dustin Poirier. Whilst uncomfortable, Dustin Poirier didn’t look like he was going to give up.

Alvarez managed to get I,n an upright mount position with Dustin Poirier stacked up against the cage. Referee Marc Goddard stood the fighters up after Eddie Alvarez was caught performing an illegal move (a 12 to 6 downward elbow). After explaining his reasoning for standing the fighters up, the fight continued.

Unfortunately, the stand-up appeared to disadvantage Eddie Alvarez as he was caught almost straight away by Dustin Poirier, who kept to his word and picked his shots, didn’t rush and finished Eddie Alvarez against the cage, with Marc Goddard calling a stop to the fight.

Eddie Alvarez will be clearly unhappy the fight was stood up as this signalled the end for him in this fight, but can he really argue with Marc Goddard’s decision? What will be next for these two fighters – both being close to that title shot position. Maybe one of them will get Tony Ferguson when he’s back from injury or maybe we’ll get Eddie Alvarez vs Dustin Poirier part 3, to settle it once and for all.

Jose Aldo vs Jeremy Stephens

Strangely for this fight the former featherweight champion Jose Aldo, ranked #3 featherweight in the world came into this fight as the underdog against the wrecking ball that is Jeremy Stephens. Possibly because Jose Aldo was coming into this fight with back to back defeats against the featherweight champion Max Holloway.

Jeremey Stephens started the fight how he always does, as the aggressor, putting the pressure on Jose Aldo early, catching him a few times. Jose Aldo looked composed and was picking his shots and using some good head movement.

It wasn't long before Jeremey Stephens cornered Jose Aldo up against the cage hitting him with a number of powerful uppercuts to the body and head, but Jose Aldo kept his composure, survived the onslaught and circled away from the cage.

It seems like at this point something switched in Jose Aldo’s head. He became more aggressive and started to trade more with Jeremy Stephens, avoiding a lot of Stephens counters with great head movement and footwork.

The fight was finished in the first round after Jose Aldo hit Jeremy Stephens with a thunderous shot to the body, which made Jeremey Stephens crumple to the floor. From here Aldo got on top and rained down a number of punches to Jeremy Stephens who was still trying to recover from the body shot and actively defend himself. It wasn't long before the referee stepped in because he’d seen enough. Jose Aldo picking up a TKO win in the first round.

The body shot that signalled the end for Jeremy Stephens

After the fight was finished, Jose Aldo fell to his knees with tears of joy or relief. I think he had felt a lot of pressure and expectation to get back on a winning streak and his emotions got the better of him.

emotional Jose Aldo after his win against Jeremy Stephens

I think the commentator, and double champion, Daniel “DC” Cormier got it right in the commentary table saying people have underestimated Jose Aldo, whilst he lost his last two fights to Max Holloway, and lost to Connor McGregor within his last four fights – it just shows how good the other fighters were that beat him. He is still a world class featherweight fighter.

What’s next for Jose Aldo? Well with Max Holloway being out for a long period of time, maybe Jose Aldo has just booked a ticket against Brian Ortega for potentially an interim belt. Either way I am excited to see his next fight.

Results from UFC Fight Night Calgary

Poirier def Alvarez – RND 2 KO/TKO

Aldo def Stephens – RND 1 KO/TKO

Jedrzejczyk def Torres – Unanimous decision

Hernandez def Aubin-Mercier - Unanimous decision

Mein def Morono - Unanimous decision

Dawodu def Arnett - Unanimous decision

Makhachev def Johnson – RND 1 Submission

Cutelaba def Antigulov – RND 1 KO/TKO

Makdessi def Pearson - Unanimous decision

Chookagain def Davis - Unanimous decision

Ortiz def Nicolau – RND 1 KO/TKO

Ansaroff def Markos – Unanimous decision

Powell def Herrera – RND 1 KO/TKO

Let us know what you thought of UFC fight night in Calgary and what you think is next for the winners and the losers of this event – thanks for reading.

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